Look good – Feel so much better

Being a make up artist means I get to spend a lot of time with people personally and often get to understand people on a deeper level than just the make upon their face. I truly believe beauty comes from within and with us all living busier lives than ever, we sometimes we forget how important it is to think about ourselves.

I have also been truly privileged to work with the charity Look Good Feel better working as part of a team hosting workshops for girls and ladies at different stages of cancer treatments. I have seen first hand how the confidence of a woman can change from when she enters such a workshop and how she looks and feels when she leaves.

This is really a special thing and I have come to understand more than ever that if we Look good we do indeed Feel so much better

I have also experienced myself the devastation of losing my hair at the age of 21 -amazingly all fine now – I have as thick a head of hair than ever before the experience has left me knowing what it feels like to feel un feminine and not want to look in the mirror, I can assist with advice on wigs and fittings for ladies of any age and again with minor make up techniques you can alter the effects on your face.

Make up like a new outfit or a new pair of shoes can make you Feel so much better. This workshop is designed for anyone who is needing that bit of a lift, perhaps you have just had a baby and feel your have lost your identity a little or perhaps you are convalescing from an illness, perhaps you just generally feel like you need to see a new you, or perhaps you have been through a period of stress and are now looking forward.

This workshop is designed especially for you.

2 hours of one to one time bespoke and tailor-made to your specific requirements from skin care advice to make up looks and techniques


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