Rediscover Make up Sessions

When working with many ladies particularly at weddings and through chatting to them while doing their make up I have come to understand that ladies in a certain age group are much of the time stuck in a rut with their make up and like the high street when it somes to fashion I think they are often confused and bamboozled by the options available when it comes to making a purchase, is it the right colour for me will it be good for my skin, what if I cant blend the shadow like that, will the mascara go clumpy???

I have found that either they are wearing the same make up they did when they were 20 – some literally – a lady told me the other day that she had a Henena Rubenstein eyeshadow compact that she has had for about 30 years! Or they are simply baffled by the choices and products available and are fed up with spending money on items they don’t actually use.

There are so many wonderful innovative products out there designed for mature skin, with beautiful light formulations, add to this the new light reflective products, Matt eyeshadows and mineral products you can re invent your look with minimal effort. One lady told me last week at her daughters wedding that she felt amazing and just like her younger self again, she was beaming when people kept telling her she looked ten years younger!

From speaking to ladies I also know that many of you have been to a counter and come away having spent a lot of money and not necessarily got the product you want and then it sits in your make up bag and doesn’t get used.

With all of this in mind I have developed a  Rediscover Make up Session. Relaxed and intimate on a one to one basis, giving each lady personal time and dedication to find the most suitable make up looks for her and to answer her make up questions. My view is that in every day make up we should feel like the most beautiful version of ourselves and if you feel that you look great you will definitely feel great!

Let me show you the tips and tricks to great skin and amazing make up, I can also add a shopping morning/afternoon to this and we can go together to shop for your new make up pieces or I can personally shop for you so you never feel intimidated by a make up counter again!

I can help you to achieve your most beautiful and simplistic day time look and show you the tips and tricks to turn that into an evening look. This is a great session if you are looking to learn a specific look ie for a wedding/special event or if you generally want to refresh your make up look.

Redsicover make up session One to One and Group rates also available

Shopping morning/afternoon extra via pre arrangement

Call or email me to buy a re discover make up session for some one you love or treat yourself!

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